RUBC equipment for sale

Here's where you'll find any equipment that RUBC are selling. If you need more details just email us


Empacher 2x/-

Empacher pair/double for sale, 2001, 85-100kg. This is a good boat with a lot of wins under its belt. £3,800 ono.

Empacher 2x/- JC c
Empacher 2x/- JC b
Empacher 2x/- JC

Empacher 4x-

Empacher quad for sale. 85-100 kg. 2004. £6,500 ono.

Empacher 4x- ST c

Empacher 4x/-

Empacher quad/coxless 4. 52-65 kg, 2010. Excellent condition, fantastic boat. £10,750 ono.

Empacher 4x/- FO b
Empacher 4x/- FO d
Empacher 4x/- FO c
Empacher 4x/- FO a


Janousek 2x/-

Janousek double which also has pairs riggers with it. 2007. Carbon shoulders. Average crew weight 85kg. Boat in need of some TLC, but plenty of years use remaining.

Price: £1,995