Success in Sweden - EUSA 2019

A total of 504 participants representing 81 Universities from 21 countries took part in this year’s European Universities Sports Association regatta. Reading University sent a team of 12 athletes in 4 boat classes, which were the men’s and women’s quads and doubles.
The host city of Jönköping is the tenth biggest city in Sweden and the rowing course was on Lake Munksjön right in the heart of the city, with the finish line being surrounded by a grandstand as well as the city’s shops, bars and cafes.

The conditions on the water were challenging with a strong tail wind on each day chopping up the water after the halfway point. The W4x, W2x and M4x all won their heats to progress strongly into the finals, while the M2x had to contest the repechage. In this hotly contested event the double couldn’t quite keep with the pace of the leaders and had to settle for a position in the B final. On finals day the first crew up was the M2x and they put in a very strong race to finish 2nd in the B final. Next came the W2x and they were well in the race, but were out powered by some very strong crews and sadly just missed out on a medal in 4th place. The men’s quad pulled away steadily from the rest of the pack in their final and won comfortably, and the women’s quad rounded of the days racing with a nail biting finish, where the crowds were kept waiting for the results of the photo finish, thankfully they’d done it and won gold!

This was a great way to start of the 2019-20 season and everyone at RUBC is excited to see what lies ahead.

Crews & Results

W4x - Emily May, Sophie Lewis, Kate Lyster & Franky Bailey-Tait - GOLD

M4x - George Lawton, Rory Harris, Sean O’Mahony & Edoardo Marshall - GOLD

W2x - Chloe Knight & Lucy Ryan - 4th position

M2x - Joe Pitt & Alex Badcott - 8th position

Will Rand