Fresher to Rower: a novice piece

I started rowing for the first time when I joined the University in September last year. As I hadn’t rowed before coming to Reading, I joined the Novice squad. My mum rowed at University, absolutely loving it, making friends for life (my sister is even named after one, about whom I don’t have space to write out a very funny story I know sadly) - Mum had encouraged me to try it out when I started - and how glad I am she did!

Above: Angus Hinton (Author) at bow in the medal winning BUCS beginners quad at the 2019 regatta.

Above: Angus Hinton (Author) at bow in the medal winning BUCS beginners quad at the 2019 regatta.

I’ve loved being a part of the boat club - it’s an atmosphere in which you can progress really quickly - I’ve gone from just constantly trying not to capsize when on the water to steering the boat for my crew to win a bronze medal in the Novice quad class at BUCS regatta.

We have two full-time coaches, as well as two part-time coaches, including two GB Olympians, who create a training programme to push you, but is manageable. Rowing is a full body sport - requiring you to engage each major muscle group at some stage in the rowing stroke. 

At the Boat club we specialise in Sculling - which means that we row with two blades each (rather than one when rowing sweep). This specialisation allows the University squad to really excel in these events, rather than splitting the training between two different styles - which is really useful.

The camaraderie at the club I’d say is second to none within sports and societies at University - we spend hours and hours together each week - getting up in the morning to row together with your crew in the cold and damp winter months really brings you together - and in the summer months there’s nothing that compares to rowing in the beautiful sunshine on the Thames with your mates.

I competed in three major competitions as a Novice in the 2018/19 academic year - having the opportunity to race in two BUCS competitions, across 4 events - also competing at Reading University Head of the River. 

If you’re looking to try out a new sport this year, joining the highest performing sports team at the University - and want to reach your peak physical fitness with a close-knit, competitive squad, rowing is for you - and you should definitely come and see us at the freshers fayre to sign up to the taster sessions.

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Author: Angus Hinton 

Year: Second year 

Course: Accounting and Business 

Will Rand