Henley Women's Regatta

Henley Women's Regatta is a key event in the squads calendar and is for many their last race of the year. This year we entered a variety of boats over both the Championship and Aspirational Categories. 

Aspirational Singles: 

Charlotte Bawn racing. Image from WeRow.co.uk

Charlotte Bawn racing. Image from WeRow.co.uk

Racing in the Aspirational single category we had Charlotte Bawn and Victoria Norton in heavyweight and lightweight respectively. Charlotte unfortunately did not qualify for the event, coming in as the second fastest non-qualifier, a great result for Charlotte who came to RUBC with very limited sculling experience. Victoria Norton had a great race at qualifiers and succeeded in qualifying to race later on in the day. She fought hard in her heat but was ultimately knocked out by two lengths. 

Aspirational Double: 

A new combination for Henley Women's was Hettie Horler and Meg Park racing in an Aspirational double. They qualified to race on Friday evening after a great qualification race in the morning. Hettie and Meg had a strong race but lost out by two lengths to a double from Worcester. 


Championship Doubles: 

In the Championship double event we had two boats, Chloe Knight and Lucy Ryan racing as the 'A' boat and Fran Bratt and Anna Smart as the 'B' boat. Anna and Fran raced on Friday afternoon against a strong double from Cambridge University and unfortunately lost out to them. Chloe and Lucy got a bye through to Saturday's races and had a tough race against Leander. They fought hard throughout the race and almost came through Leander after being down. However in the end they lost out by only a canvas. 

Aspirational Quad: 


Last but not least was our Aspirational quad of Sophie Lewis, Beatrice Roe, Kate Lyster and Emily May. This quad also raced the qualification races on Friday and qualified to race the next day. They came up against a quad from Cardiff City beating them 'easily' and progressing through to the quarter final. The quad had a strong race in their quarter final against Molesey but were beaten by a length and a quarter. Molesey were the eventual winners of the event so this is a great result for the quad which was primarily made up of first years. 



Anna Smart